Dandelion Soundsystem

The good vibes generator

Dandelion Soundsystem belongs to the top of German Soundsystem culture. Hailing from Freising near Munich Dandelion plays upon their home-made, heavyweight, self-planned and self-constructed soundsystem coming with upfull edutainment and tons of good vibes. Cooperations with singers like Sista Sherin,Treasure Irie and Isayah turn every session into a very special experience. Dandelion started building its soundsystem around the year 2000. Since then they have been organizing sessions with national and international artists playing longside Jah Shaka, Aba Shanti I, Channel One, King Shiloh, Alpha&Omega, Zion Gate HiFi and the likes and spreading their vibes and powerful message across the european continent from Austria and Switzerland over Italy, Croatia and Spain to Poland and Hungary. Once a year Dandelion Soundsystem runs the famous Rootsbase at Fusion Festival near Berlin. 2009 Dandelion started with its own record label called New Flower Records whose releases regularly mash up the dancehalls all over the world and were played by Number One Sounds like King Shiloh and Channel One.


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New Flower


New Flower Records is the label of Dandelion Soundsystem, which is releasing vinyl records since 2009. They are all heavily session proofed and well balanced between rebellious party, wisdom and soul. Produced with a high musical and technical claim and attention to detail. Most of the productions arised naturally out of the Dandelion orbit. Without focusing on it, in a lot of cases it’s reflecting the debuts of the recorded artists. New Flower Records releases mash up dancehalls all over the world and were played regularly by Number One Sounds. All tunes are available on Vinyl as well as digital on Bandcamp.